Did you know that exceptional skip bin hire services are not always about having a skip bin brought to your address and taken away after some time? Read on and learn the four qualities that make exceptional skip-bin hire companies stand out from all the other players in the same industry.

A Clear Pricing Format

Exceptional skip-bin rental companies know that customers appreciate knowing upfront what a service will cost them. The companies therefore do everything in their power to be very clear about what their charges are. For instance, you will be given a quote detailing how much the size of skip bin you want costs, plus any applicable mileage fees. The pricing plan will also detail what surcharge you will incur in case you want to have the skip bin for a longer duration than you had ordered. Such a clear system wins more clients that are loyal since all pricing information is given upfront. This is unlike a situation where the client is "ambushed" with additional costs (such as extra load fees) that they were not told in advance. That leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the client and he or she may never use that company again.

Prompt Delivery and Pick Up

Exceptional skip-bin hire companies intuitively know that once a client orders a bin then he or she urgently needs it. They therefore dispatch the skip bin in the shortest possible time (for instance in four hours) and the client will be pleasantly surprised at the quick response. This wins such companies more business unlike those that take days to respond to client calls.

Clean Up

Exceptional skip-bin hire companies go over and above the call of duty and do some cleaning up of the site where the skip bin was located before they leave the client's premises. This extra service marks them out as very professional and that is why clients keep flocking to them.

Location of Offices

The best skip-bin rental firms have offices in different locations because they understand that they will be in a better position to satisfy their customers if they are near them. This proximity enables them to meet their clients in person rather than simply interacting on phone or by email. This one-on-one interaction builds trust and enables the company to render a better service by, for instance, responding quickly to calls for a pick-up or delivery of a skip bin.

Look for the four qualities above in the skip-bin hire companies you are considering (such as Solo Resource Recovery) and you will be able to identify an exceptional one.