When carrying out a renovation task, the discarded structural materials and wastes are usually not thought about up-front. The ideal option is to use skip bins to collect waste products on-site. Skip bins can be hired for a given period of time during renovation projects and are available in different sizes to satisfy varying needs. Although the main objective of renovations is to witness an upgrade to one's home, plenty of the work carried out essentially involves cleaning up and getting rid of the waste materials generated by the refurbishing activities. Consequently, mulling over the type and volume of wastes you will have beforehand is crucial in order to know the right size as well as the number of skip bins you will need for the project.

Tip 1: The type of wastes expected

Renovation projects often generate different type of wastes. Wastes may comprise of existing floor tiles that you wish to remove from your kitchen or packaging from a new furniture or vanity which you've just bought. Additionally, they may include bricks or concrete from a courtyard that you're getting rid of entirely or replacing. Moreover, you may be replacing mould-plagued or lichen-infested plasterboard or asbestos.

Tip 2The waste volume

Next, compute approximately the amount of the wastes to be produced by the renovation activities. It is simple to figure out the volume of common materials like plaster boards, concrete and bricks. To start with, measure the length and width of the item to be disposed of in order to find its surface area. Now calculate the breadth of the item and multiply the figure for the surface area with that number in order to arrive at the actual volume of that item.

How will the above-mentioned information help you during skip bin hire?

At this moment, you have a detailed list of the types of waste materials you expect from the renovation activity. A number of the items listed may be dangerous, such as asbestos. Generally, not every skip bin is suited for disposing of hazardous materials like asbestos, and most suppliers don't always tolerate it in their containers. As a result, you can hire a specialized skip bin for asbestos removal.

Additionally, you may also have several possibly recyclable materials including concrete, plasterboards and timber. In case you have a sizeable quantity of these waste items, you can talk to the skip bin renter and see whether they can offer a reduced rate for particular types of waste materials or not. The calculated waste volume will help you know the right size as well as the number or skip bins to hire.

For more information about planning your rental of skip bins, contact a local skip bin company.